Keyless Entry

Give keyless entry to family, friends, housekeepers and others without worrying about lost or copied keys.

Control and monitor your door from anywhere.

Smart Locks were birthed from the need to make home security a more efficient well-oiled machine, and to make the integration of smart technology with everyday acts a possibility. Smart locks have many perks that homeowners could take advantage of to make their lives much simpler. For instance, some smart locks are able to unlock the front door of your home when you are in close proximity.

It does this by picking up on the Bluetooth frequencies that your phone is emitting, and then it unlocks the door. In other cases, it gives homeowners the ability to give guests temporary keys while they (the homeowner) are still able to maintain key control over their home. Smart locks are undoubtedly breaking new ground as they hope to reinvent everything about home security.

Aside from the technological innovation that smart locks bring to the table, they are also designed to give homeowners a lock that feels and looks like the future is already here. Opting to undergo a smart lock installation is definitely something that many homeowners are taking advantage of now.

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